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Macaron Towers

A macaron tower or macaron tower/cake fusion can serve as the centerpiece for any celebration, whether it's a wedding, corporate event, baby shower, birthday, or another social occasion. These stunning towers can easily accommodate parties of up to 300 people, making them a perfect addition to the sweets table or as an accompaniment to a cake. Each tower is a unique creation, customised to your preferences in terms of colour, flavour, design, height, and decoration.


The following pricing for TOWERS ONLY is provided as a baseline estimate for each available tower size. No two towers are the same and many variables can affect the final cost. For example, you may choose to have your tower laid flat on the table or elevated on a stand, adorned with flower wreaths or individually decorated macarons. Macaron towers DO NOT require prior consultation. I find that a detailed email or phone conversation is often enough to provide me with the necessary information and inspiration to create a design that satisfies the client's desires.

Pricing for macaron tower/cake fusions would also depend on both the tower and cake design and WILL require a consultation. 

The creative process for each macaron tower is similar to that of cakes, and I never create replicas. Together, we can create a mood board where we discuss your likes and dislikes until we agree on the ideal design.

If you're interested in a macaron tower for your next event, please feel free to get in touch via the contact page. I look forward to discussing your vision and bringing it to life!

Price Guide

Small Tower

(100 macarons)

*From £220

Medium Tower

(180 macarons)

*From £385

Large Tower

(210 macarons)

*From £450

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