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Our Story

Lilika is an independent luxury patisserie brand, dedicated to perfecting the art of macaron and cake. Our ethos is to reintroduce baking as an edible art form. Each creation is made to tell an individual story at every stage, from flavour to design and display. No two designs should ever be the same as no two people ever are. We hope to create not just a product for you. but a lasting memory and a unique experience, both in taste and design.

Founder & owner Elika ( aka Lilika as her grandma calls her ), created her business from scratch in 2013. Lilika's aim has always been to create unique macarons and cakes that tell individual stories through flavour and design. 

As the sole cake artist and patisserie chef, she personally manages all aspects from creation to communication to delivery. This hands-on approach ensures that every creation is infused with true passion and expertise, resulting in a unique and incredibly personal experience for each client.


Lilika's Treats

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