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Introducing Rūmī, a box inspired by the celebration of Nowruz (Perisan New Year & Spring Equinox). This box encapsulates the essence of Persia, preserving its centuries-old traditions, much like the timeless wisdom of the Persian poet Rūmī, whose words resonate through cultures and generations.

From the vibrant freshness of pomegranate symbolising fertility and abundance to the delicate aroma of rose embodying love and beauty, each flavour holds profound significance. Indulge in the luscious sweetness of fig and blossom honey, reminiscent of prosperity, or savour the sophistication of Earl Grey, a nod to Persian tea culture. Delight in the nutty richness of pistachio, the green jewel of Iran or experience the exotic allure of rose infused saffron, capturing the essence of Iranian cuisine.


  • All our macarons contain Dairy, Egg Whites & Nuts. 

    This collection is free from Gluten.

    For specific allergies, please get in touch via our contact page for more information. 

Lilika's Treats

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