The prices stated above are the individual price of each macaron. If you are looking to order larger batches, please refer to the reduced prices below, depending on the quantity you are looking for.

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Want To See Examples?

Scroll down to see our main individual flavours, custom (festive and bespoke varieties) and macaron towers.

FAQs can be found at the bottom of this page.

Main Flavours

Looking to buy macarons? Find a popular range of our macarons below. Other flavours may also be possible. Those marked with (VE) are also available as a vegan option.

Oreo (VE)


Salted Caramel (VE)


Hazelnut Praline

Gingerbread (VE)

Pistachio (VE)

Earl Grey

Lemon & Lime

Mini Eggs


Mint Chocolate (VE)

Red Velvet

Chocolate (VE)

Cookie & Cream (VE)

Tiramisu (VE)


Chocolate Orange (VE)

Festivities, Occasions & Themes

We offer bespoke macarons with custom designs & flavours for special events; from floral, fruit-based & conceptual to personalised designs.

Decorating macarons is a delicate & time-consuming task, so please expect prices for bespoke macarons to be different to above.

Below are some of our past designs. Feel free to contact us if you have any specific enquiries.




Lollipop Macarons & Towers

Macaron towers, lollipops and favours are a great way to bring colour and fun to your wedding ceremony.

We can customise macaron flavours and colours to match your wedding’s theme, put initials on them or even display them as little lollipops.

Macaron towers would make a great addition to your wedding’s sweets cart, but if you want to put a modern spin on a traditional wedding cake, we also offer macaron towers with a cake tier centrepiece on top!

Please get in touch with us for a consultation to find what suits you best. You can also see some examples below.



In order to combine a macaron tower with our cakes, please contact us for consultation. There are many size and lay-out combinations which can be customised to your specific tastes, i.e.:

1. Having a cake on top or bottom of the tower
2. The number of tiers either would rest on
3. The diameters of the cake.

Our sample number of macarons per tower are (but not limited to), small tower (60 macarons), medium tower (150 macarons), and large tower (200 macarons).

Macaron Towers by Lilika's Treats (1)
Macaron Towers by Lilika's Treats (1)
Macaron Towers by Lilika's Treats (2)
Macaron Towers by Lilika's Treats (5)
Macaron Towers by Lilika's Treats (7)
Macaron Towers by Lilika's Treats (6)
Macaron Towers by Lilika's Treats (4)

Macaron FAQ

We’ve included some of the most common questions about our macarons here. For information about delivery, please view our Order page.

If you have a question that you haven’t found the answer to, please submit your request via our Contact page.

How long can the products be kept?

Since our products are made with fresh produce, they can keep refrigerated up to 10 days to retain freshness.

Do you use any artificial colouring in your macarons?

There is no artificial colouring in our products, except in Oreo macarons.

All colouring is vegetarian and gluten-free (does not contain gelatine).

Do you use any artificial flavouring in your macarons?

There are no artificial flavours in our products.

Are your macarons gluten free?

Our cookie-based macarons (cookies and cream, gingerbread and Oreo) do contain gluten, but they can be made gluten-free upon request. All the other macarons are gluten free.

Do your macarons contain eggs or dairy?

Our non-vegan contains both dairy and egg whites, but they can be altered upon request. Our vegan range is free from both dairy and egg.

Do your macarons contain nuts?

Macarons are made with ground almonds so all contain nuts, unless you’re not allergic to almonds.

Are your macarons vegan-friendly?

We stock both vegan and non-vegan macarons in our range. While our vegan range may be more limited on display, most flavours are available as vegan-friendly upon request.

Do vegan options contain soya?


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